EPIC Online Sub-Account

EPIC is a secure website that provides a simple way

to deliver profiles via the internet

With an EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) Sub-Account, you can send, customize, view, print, manage and store your assessments stress-free!

Invisible Line

How it works:

Once your EPIC Sub-Account is set-up, you can administer Access Codes that allow people to complete the assessments online. Once your respondent has answered all the questions, the Profile Report will go to you, or your respondent, based on your preference!


Credits is the term used to describe the “currency” used in the EPIC System. Credits are needed to issue Access Codes for individual reports and generate group/facilitator reports.

For a complete list of Online Products, please refer to the Price List.

You may also wish to take note of our New Price List for 2013 here.


Enhanced Administrative Access

  • Assign/Deliver reports from anywhere in the world at anytime
  • Address the needs of reaching out to different office locations
  • Keep track of report purchase and response information

Increased Producivity

  • Scoring participant profiles is computerized for greater accuracy, convenience and efficiency
  • Employees complete assessments online before training sessions, conserving valuable training time
  • Supports blended learning initiatives

Refined Report Options

  • Boost training delivery with exclusive EPIC Follow-Up Reports
  • Build group reports from participant profiles stored in your EPIC Sub-Account
  • Generate new group reports with ease as your team members change
  • Personalize your reports with company name, training program and logo
  • Rearrange/Remove Report Sections to fit your training needs

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Reduce costs by eliminating shipping and handling charges
  • Saving valuable time and costs through increased productivity

Minimum System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3, or Safari 2
  • Adobe Reader 6
  • WinZip for PC, Stuffit Expander for Mac, or comparable software