DiSC Trainer Certification

The Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification equips you with a good grounding to be proficient in administering the DiSC® profile, understanding the theory and analysis of the results and applying the DiSC® as a solution for your various needs. The certification would enable you to deliver your own DiSC training, coaching and consulting. Specifically, you would be able to

  • Create focused, effective and customized DiSC®-based training solutions
  • Learn which DiSC® tool works best for your specific applications
  • Discover how to combine the various DiSC® resources for more effective results

Public Certification

We conduct public certification sessions once every 2 months or earlier, when the demand dictates. If you’d like some more details on public certification, please see the Certification Brochure for the public certification dates, as well as pricing and other important information.

In-house Certification

When you have a team of people whom you would like to be certified, then an in-house option would be more appropriate for you. Here are some of the benefits of an in-house certification option:

  •  More economical
  •  Contextualized program to fit the needs of your organizational needs
  •  Real case studies and discussions
  •  Practical solutions
  •  Implementation-ready solutions


Have you been a certified DiSC® trainer but have not been in active duty for a while? Well, rest easy, we have a program that would get up updated on the latest development and to get you refreshed and ready to go. Please contact us for more details.